It was another all-star performance for Danae last weekend as she competed in Dunrobin for the last Ontario Cup race of the season.

With an amazing summer of racing experience she was improving her racing tactics once again. Danae held well in the water coming out only 30 seconds down of the leader, who through the season had a minute plus advantage! On the bike she made up almost all of that time, and she had excellent turnover on the run to blast into first! Danae pushed on well for the win with a best 18:14 5k and won the Dunrobin Junior Elite Triathlon! This win was huge and helped her to 2nd overall in the Ontario Cup as she raced 3 out of 4 races. Awesome win!

Emilie finished up her first year of junior series in excellent form! She was in a close race the whole way moving well and found an extra gear to place ahead of competition for a great 5th place. Emilie also ended up an impressive 5th overall in the series as one of the youngest competitors, with 2nd & 3rd having the same number of points.

Great job again to the impressive juniors moving on up!

Randy Zabukovec