All IronStride group sessions begin at the Focus Personal Fitness Studio, located in the Woolen Mill, where change rooms, locker areas, parking, and other amenities are provided.

Members of Club IronStride Receive Access to:

  • All regular IronStride workouts*
  • 2 – 3 structured running, cycling or brick set coaching sessions per week in the spring and summer months
  • Weekly running sessions year-round
  • Access to time trial sessions throughout the competitive season
  • Member discounts on VO2 Max Testing
  • Member discounts on all camps and workshops.

General Membership Fees (January 1st)
Membership is necessary for all IronStride activities and includes all running sessions out of Focus Fitness.

Once you become a member you will get access to the club calendar page with workout details and ride routes. You will receive an invite from Hope to the club page. Make sure you log onto this for updates and route information.

Swim workshops, Iron Yoga, and Iron Strength require additional fees and sign up. All fees are to be paid through Hope at Focus Fitness. You can contact Hope at or 613-544-7999.

The club name will appear in the drop-down list. All members will receive their membership cards by a confirmation email sent out by CCN.
*Additional fees and sign-ups are required for specialized swim workshops, and Iron Strength sessions.

VO2 Max Testing:

  • $145 + HST (Non-members)
  • $119.47 + HST (Club IronStride Members)

IronStride VO2 Max testing provides a physiological profile of an athlete to determine fitness levels and appropriate training zones. Testing results provide the athlete with information to use heart rate as a biofeedback tool to ensure they are balancing the appropriate training and recovery periods to enhance fitness and performance. This physiological profile is also effective for those who are motivated to manage weight or change disposition, by determining what the right training zone should be for optimum fat-burning and weight-loss.