monttremblantA large group of IronStride athletes reached their goal race at Mont-Tremblant 70.3 on the weekend. With their commitment to the group training and World Championship 70.3 spots available to race the same course later this year they were prepared and going for it.
  • Peter Brown – 6:37 and a World’s spot thanks to his technical training and over an hour imporvement over last year!
  • Joan Tranmer – 7:28 with a new course record swim! Well…PB, close enough!
  • Donna Richardson – 6:04! Fast fast even with the never ending cold
  • Jen Birkas – 5:56! Mighty work Jen, great training and speedy job!
  • Maria Cronk – 6:59 She did it! Conquered the course just like our camp.
  • Chris Lattimore – 6:12 Was hoping to have Randy to draft over the hills, but he was a no show! Great job!
  • Cory Cronk – 8:18 Made it through a tough day for him “One stride at a time”. Great training
  • Mike Lattimore – 5:55 Solid work! Must have felt like his speedy cycling son and what a story to tell!
  • Laurie Lockerbie – 7:41 With her knee giving her trouble her training still paid off to get her to a new swim PB and right through the finish!
  • Brett Lockerbie – 6:35 Had his calf muscles push through the Mont-Tremblant like butter!
  • Glenda Clapham – 6:04 Took care through an injury and made it!
  • Chelsea Bovey – 5:48!! with a 14 minute PB! Can you say Extreme!!!

What a great job everybody. So nice that you could come together in training and go for it in Mont-Tremblant 70.3! IronStride family support for you always.


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