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Working with Randy was a huge learning experience…this guy knows his stuff”

I started working with Randy from Focus Fitness a few months ago. I have never been a long distance runner, hated the idea of running, and could never get very far in improving my cardio. I came with the focus of improving my VO2 for occupational testing because I knew from previous tests that my VO2 score was far from impressive. I have always been in good shape muscularly with lifting weights since I was about 16 and I thought I was pretty educated when it came to improving a VO2 score or just being in better shape. I was wrong. Working with Randy was a huge learning experience…this guy knows his stuff. Within a few months of following his program and learning how to run more efficiently I started to notice a change like never before. After about three months I ran 10km and felt like I could run 10 more. Things that would wind me in the past I could do with ease. I began to enjoy running, almost became an addiction of sorts. Needless to say I passed my VO2 test with flying colours. The improvement in my fitness level is not one I could of achieved on my own. I have been to every kind of gym Kingston has to offer and I can say with confidence that if your struggling with limited results from working your tail off, come and try this place and you wont be disappointed.

–Eric Donelle

 “As a result of this amazing experience, my training continues.”

I cannot say enough about the Introduction to Triathlon program offered by Focus Fitness. Invited by a good friend to join the program, I enrolled in the course as basically a non-swimmer, infrequent cyclist and runner. Over the course of 16 weeks, coached by a dedicated and talented team , I developed the skills to complete a triathlon at the end of the course. Along this journey , a wonderful sense of camaraderie developed amongst the participants, fuelled by the enthusiasm,support and good humour of the coaching team. As a result of this amazing experience, my training continues with Focus Fitness and I look forward to my next triathlon

–Patti Medora

“Life begins outside your comfort zone!”

Last summer I was looking for a new challenge. I have been running for years but wanted to try something new. Randy suggested the Intro to Tri Training. I had running down but had not been in a pool in over 15 years and didn’t even own a bike. I signed up and haven’t looked back.

The experience was fun, challenging, exhilarating and life changing. Randy and his team of coaches are amazing teachers. I never felt out of place, always encouraged and welcome. Every week learning more about myself and how to swim, run, cycle safely and efficiently. The Sprint Triathlon at the end of the summer was Amazing and Fun. It was not about the time on the clock it was about setting a personal goal and accomplishing it with the support of new friends and excellent coaches. Life begins outside your comfort zone!

–Donna Fitzgerald

“Gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to sign up for, and successfully complete a triathlon!”

Highly recommend “Intro to Tri”. If you have ever thought about a triathlon but not sure where to start, this is the course to take. It was step by step journey with full support along the way. Randy and his team put together a structured schedule tailored to individual ability, in addition to a variety of information sessions and guest speakers. I would have been too intimidated to enter a triathlon without this course, it gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to sign up for, and successfully complete a triathlon! What you learn in this course, opens the door to a multitude of future fitness opportunities.

Thanks Randy and the Ironstride team!”

–Michelle Ferguson


“Hard work and smart training helped me peak for important goals.”

I have been training with Randy for 14 years. I have always seen sports and fitness as an important facet to a person’s lifestyle. I have seen many people come and a few move on to attain new and goals important to the the individual. All are welcomed back to the “group” as they had never left. I have never been part of a group with such esprit and support in so many ways.

I have been fortunate to be part of four Canadian Age Group Teams. Not a gifted athlete in terms of triathlon, hard work and  smart training and progression helped me peak for important goals all taking into account long term athlete development and most importantly health.

–Ross Bell

“IronStride helped me stay motivated, focused and injury free.”

I have been training with Randy at IronStride for just over 6 months. During that time his coaching and advice have taken me from being a very limited casual runner to the successful completion of my first trail ultramarathon. Without his knowledge and support, I would have found it extremely difficult to stay motivated, focused and injury free.

Training with Randy, Ryan and the other Ironstride athletes has been a fantastic learning experience and has allowed me to take on goals I once would have considered impossible. Now with the help of the Ironstride team I think anything is possible. Thanks guys!

–Graham Cairns

“I’m proud to be a member of the IronStride team of athletes.”

When I first approached Randy at IronStride to coach me for some up coming races I knew I made the right choice. After about five minutes it was like I was talking to someone I had known for years, a friend. Randy or “Coach Z”, whether it be a quick word during a hard interval as you run by or a one on one after a workout, is able to get the best out of me. The whole IronStride community was welcoming and I’m proud to be a member of the IronStride team of athletes.”

–Aaron Anderson

“Randy has helped transform me into what I am today.”

“Your body is a temple.”  Mine, not so much.  My temple needed to built from the ground up.  I guess you could say I was the carpenter and Randy was my architect.  I met Randy when he was one of my college instructors.  At the time I weighed 280 lbs and could barely run five minutes without being exhausted. Over the last 14 years Randy has helped transform me into what I am today.  At 200 lbs, I am fit, healthy, and confident.  Randy’s passion for fitness is infectious.  He has the ability to see potential in people, even when they can’t see it for themselves. He took me under his wing and slowly started working his magic.

Randy showed me the importance of being patient. The importance of being consistent.  The importance of setting goals.  And by following these simple guidelines, I could achieve anything.  Whether you are young or old, a couch potato, a weekend warrior or a pro, I believe Randy can help anyone reach their goals.  There are many trainers/coaches available in my area, but I choose to travel over an hour to train with Randy at Ironstride. Even though I live many miles away, I always know I have seven day a week support.   He is one of the few people I trust with maintenance and improvement of my temple.  I consider Randy to be more than my trainer and coach, he is also my friend…  I am proud to call myself an “Ironstrider”.

–Chris R.

“A supportive, balanced approach to personal training.”

After competing in short distance triathlons and running races, I struggled with injury after injury trying to train for longer distances.  I had pretty much decided that I could never run more than 15k.  Then I decided to contact Randy as I wanted a change to my training approach.  I joined Ironstride  6 years ago and am still enjoying everything about the coaching and the group.

Randy offers a supportive, balanced approach to personal training emphasizing quality over quantity.  He is available to answer questions by email when needed.  My running distances did improve (up to 30k races) as did my speed.  It is now my favourite part of triathlon!

Randy is a great leader, having a wealth of knowledge about triathlon and running plus total commitment to health and fitness.  Group activities are fun and well coached.  The opportunity to attend specialized training camps has been phenomenal. I am so grateful that this group exists.  Members have been like family to me over the 6 years. Thank You.


“I could not have gotten to this point without IronStride.”

I started running seriously four years ago.  My first race was a half marathon, followed by a marathon.  In my first three years of running, I basically ran every race injured, not the smartest way to enjoy running.  I knew that if I didn’t get help soon, my running days would end as it does with so many people who run and train improperly.

Since working with Randy and IronStride, my days of running injured are over!  With Randy’s coaching, I now train properly and injury free.  I do most of my training remotely with Randy.  I live in Ottawa and correspond with Randy via email and access my training log via the internet.  This summer I will do my first triathlon, I’m at the best fitness level of my life and am running faster than ever.  I’m 52 and in better shape than when I was 25!  I could not have gotten to this point without IronStride, it’s that simple.

–Moe Renaud

“I was impressed with Randy’s honesty, integrity and balanced approach.”

Randy and I met as team members supporting a solo racer in the epic Race Across America. I was immediately impressed with his honesty, integrity and balanced approach to supporting the athlete; he was open-minded and open to new ideas and consistently sought to do what was in the athlete’s best interest. In the intervening almost 10 years I have seen this approach applied consistently to all the athletes he mentors, regardless of if they’re preparing for an Ironman or simply training recreationally.

As a fellow small business owner I have a deep respect for Randy’s approach; he participates in events and trains with his clients, allowing him to stay in touch with and test the latest training techniques and equipment as well as develop an on-the-road relationship with his athletes. This provides him with an intimate understanding of what it takes to get his athletes to perform to their peak and enjoy themselves in the process.


“A source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support.”

Health and fitness has always been an important aspect of my life, but for many years, although staying active, my focus was on raising our family.  It has only been in the last 6 years that I decided to take it more seriously and participate in several road races including half marathon and marathons ! Not really knowing much about the training for these races I eventually ended up with injuries. Thats when I started training with Randy. Through his continued guidance and support I have been able to continuing with road races, and also venturing in to the world of triathlons.

Randy’s incredible passion for training and sports, as well as for general health and fitness is obvious. His knowledge of sports and training protocols, as well as his enthusiasm, is infectious. He  has always emphasized quality over quantity in all aspects of training and this has allowed me to stay motivated, to set and reach my goals, and to have the courage to challenge myself in ways I could never have imagined.

Randy has always been a source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support to all those who work with him. The fact that he actively participates and trains alongside us  gives him a better perspective on each of us and how we are progressing.  His ability to also recognize other aspects of one’s life when developing training plans….one’s health, family, age, and also the importance of rest… has allowed all of us to continue to stay as active and healthy as we are and most importantly, for me, to enjoy the training!

I owe him a World of Thanks!


“IronStride is an amazing group of athletes of all ages and abilities.”

Randy is the kind of coach who will never tell you you can’t do something, he realizes the infinite potential in everyone. If you are willing to put in the time and the work he will help you to reach your goals no matter how big or small.

IronStride  is an amazing group of athletes of all ages and abilities who support one another, get excited for each others accomplishments and help each other to push though the tough times in training. I would not have gotten where I am now with out the support of this group.


“The instruction is invaluable.”

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me  to be a part of the Iron Striders.

I have really enjoyed the opportunities of group work that I have been able to attend. The instruction is invaluable. What I really like is the feeling of inclusion, no matter if you are someone who comes infrequently or  someone who is slow.  The group is not just about “self” it is about the betterment of the group.

I completed  the 1000 Islands Tri yesterday and wanted to let you know that I used the knowledge I gained to help me.