Motivation, Discipline, Dedication.

IronStride professional coaching and training combine the right balance of an experienced coach, state of the art training resources, and a customized training program to enhance athletic performance.

Offering world-class coaching for triathlon, cycling and running, all programs are designed and delivered by IronStride Head Coach Randy Zabukovec.  For the focused athlete striving for success and optimum performance in a key race or event, or for the athlete that is motivated by a one-on-one coaching relationship –   each program is designed specifically for the individual.

Delivered in-person and through an online system that provides daily emails and performance tracking, individual training programs are monitored daily by Randy for real-time feedback and program adjustments as necessary.  This online system has allowed Randy to provide effective personalized training programs for hundreds of athletes living around the globe.

IronStride athletes living within Kingston utilize the online system as well as coached group sessions, one-on-one training sessions and IronStride’s training facilities at Focus Personal Training Studio.

Individual Single Sport Coaching

Specialized custom training for athletes determined to achieve success in their chosen event. Each individual training programs for running or cycling are developed with a long-term approach to the athlete’s specific goals. With daily training plans and emails monitored and delivered by IronStride head coach Randy Zabukovec, Individual Single Sport Coaching is an excellent opportunity to receive detailed feedback on your progress towards your athletic goals.

$75 + HST = $84.75/mo

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Individual Double Sport Coaching

Geared towards duathletes, Double-Sport Coaching focuses on individual training for cycling and running.  This program is an excellent addition for athletes participating in the IronStride Swim program or other Masters swimming group.  Each individual training plan is developed with a long-term approach to the athlete’s specific goals, delivered and monitored daily by IronStride head coach Randy Zabukovec, providing daily feedback on your progress.

$95 + HST = $107.35/mo

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Individual Triple Sport Coaching

For the triathlete who requires swim, bike and run training, these Individual training plans are developed with a long-term approach to the athletes goals. Training plans are delivered on a daily basis with daily emails and an opportunity for providing daily feedback. Plans are monitored and delivered by IronStride head coach Randy Zabukovec

$130 + HST = $146.90/mo

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