The beautiful and well organized Corwall Triathlon was the goal for 10+ prospective triathletes back when we started training them in mid-May. As you can see there may have been some nerves, but with consistent skilled training, team support, and fun everyone finished with a smile!

First in the duathlon, was Lynn and Ingrid. They supported each other on the run, sped along on the bike, and finished running well! Awesome job, what an accomplishment!

In the sprint tri, Dennis was one of the first of our intro tri’ers out of the water. He had the fastest bike, and the fastest run to finish in 1:28! The power horse himself, Edmond, had the fastest swim of the group. He kept moving well on the swim, and was still smiling with the run in 1:31! Michelle rose above any trepidation, not just surviving, but thriving through the tri and looking great the whole time as she was our fastest intro female in 1:32. Norm made his way through the whole event well and showed his family what he could do en route to a 1:34 finish.

Sugar man Graham kept it all level through the swim, bike, and run with blood checks in his transitions for goal completion in at 1:40. Kelly stuck with it from the start through the open water and by the time she was flying through the rest of the course it was thumbs up and smiles! A 1:44 finish got her 5th in her age group! Donna in our intro group completed the tri too as she encouraged others along and moved well while doing it to a 1:45 finish! Aileen was calm in the water, started ripping faster on the bike and finished looking great to a 1:53 finish.

The almost famous O’Reilly vs. Zabukovec duel! Randy was blistering through the swim as the announcer gave tisk tisks over the PA system. Mike had quite the good swim himself with some awesome training he’s been doing, but he knew he had some time to make up to catch the Zab man. As Mike got on the bike he cranked up his power to 1000+ and averaged 64 km/h on the 20km ride! Randy didn’t even see him fly by! Mike decided to take it easy on the run and shocked Randy a bit when he saw Mike ahead. Randy, the casual runner who’s never competed in Boston or Kona, just didn’t have it in him to catch Mike although he finished 5th overall. And this is the story of how Mike beat Randy!

Wait… this just in…Mike has admitted to……realizing he only did one 10km loop on the bike course as he was out on the run! Oh, well I guess it’s Randy 1, Mike 0 or Corwall tri course 1 Mike 0! You’re a winner Mike and congrats to all old and new IronStrider Triathletes who are hooked on continuing to Tri.

Randy Zabukovec