IronStride & Focus Personal Fitness Join Businesses

Dear IronStride Members,

I’m pleased to announce that IronStride has joined businesses with Focus Personal Fitness Studio, a private local fitness centre specializing in highly customized personal and group training. You can learn more about the services offered at Focus on their website,

For IronStriders, and coached athletes, this means that beginning April 1, 2014 all of our activities will begin at Focus Personal Fitness Studio’s premises. Run groups, outdoor cycling sessions, bricks, seminars, and future strength and recovery training sessions will all take place out of the studio, where you’ll have access to the change rooms, locker areas, parking and other amenities.

The location of the training studio at the Woolen Mill (on the lower level of the West Wing) will allow us to have our run training sessions go out towards RMC and Fort Henry or Belle Island. Bike training will go up the bike lanes on Montreal Street towards Kingston Mills and out into the country. Brick sets will be done outside the Woolen Mill on the grass park out front, along the Cataraqui River and beautiful Inner Harbour.

Owning a training studio has been a goal of mine since I came to Kingston 15 years ago and started coaching and training athletes. The process to get to this stage has been a journey in itself. This opportunity is a great one for both IronStride and Kingston, as I’ll be able to continue to provide more opportunities for people in our community to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Exciting times are ahead for the coaching staff, trainers, athletes and all members of the IronStride team! Hopefully this great news will give you a little bit extra to look forward to this Spring.

Best Regards,

Randy Zabukovec
Owner, IronStride

Randy Zabukovec